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The NEXTBMS project will cluster their activities with the other projects granted in the same call. The aim of the clustering is to align the communication and dissemination activities among the projects.

The following projects are linked to eachother through the cluster


BATMAX project aims to pave the way for advanced next generation data-based and adaptable battery management systems capable of fulfilling the needs and requirements of various mobile and stationary applications and use cases. The main objective is to contribute to improving battery system performance, safety, reliability, service life, and lifetime cost. BATMAX develops a framework to efficiently parameterise physics-based models as well as the hardware and sensorisation on cell and system level for collection and communication of battery measurement data.


ENERGETIC project aims to develop the next generation BMS for optimizing batteries’ systems utilisation in the first (transport) and the second life (stationary) in a path towards more reliable, powerful and safer operations. ENERGETIC project contributes to the field of translational enhanced sensing technologies, exploiting multiple Artificial Intelligence models, supported by Edge and Cloud computing. ENERGETIC’s vision not only encompasses monitoring and prognosis the remaining useful life of a Li-ion battery with a digital twin, but also encompasses diagnosis by scrutinising the reasons for degradation through investigating the explainable AI models. This involves development of new technologies of sensing, combination and validation of multiphysics and data driven models, information fusion through Artificial Intelligence, Real time testing and smart Digital Twin development.


The NEMO project aims to deliver next-generation BMS by combining cutting-edge hardware and software concepts. These concepts exploit a wide range of sensor information acquired at high frequencies, along with dedicated electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) sensors. This enables the identification of different electrochemical processes inside the battery cells and tracks their evolution over time. Combinations of coupled physics-based and data-driven approaches are also planned. NEMO will provide solutions that significantly extend battery life and enhance system safety for automotive and stationary applications over the long term.


NEXTBMS will develop an advanced battery management system (BMS) built on fundamental knowledge and experience with the physicochemical processes of lithium-ion batteries, which will enable the significant enhancement of current modelling approaches. These modelling approaches will be further improved by optimising sensors and measurement techniques to meet modelling and the physical cell configurations to form a framework that supports improving the battery state prediction and control. NEXTBMS will ensure that the next generation of BMSs will enable higher performance, safety, and longer lifetime of the battery cells for an overall optimal utilisation of the battery system.

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