Expected and achieved results

On this page you can find the project’s expected and achieved results (deliverables)

Due diligence, requirements capture and impact assessment

Expected / Achieved Results:

  1. Report on stationary and mobile use cases (Feb 2024)
  2. Requirements report for advanced BMS (May 2024)
  3. BMS specification report (May 2024)
  4. Impact assessment public report (Aug 2026)

Physics and data-based models and BMS software

Expected / Achieved Results:

  1. Characterisation test results of physics-based cell models (Dec 2023)
  2. Advanced state estimation, prediction & control functions (May 2024)
  3. Public: Training data of battery physics and smart sensor based predictive & data-driven models (Jan 2025)
  4. Scalable physics-based models for BMS and cloud (Nov 2025)

Development and prototyping modular battery modules with BMS hardware

Expected / Achieved Results:

  1. Public: Battery module and -pack design (Sep 2024)
  2. BMS HW design (Sep 2024)
  3. Battery module prototypes, testing and validation results (Oct 2025)

Use case realisation on lab-scale and upscaling towards system-level validation

Expected / Achieved Results:

  1. Public: Upscaling and sizing methodology for different battery pack voltage level (Nov 2025)
  2. Public: Outcomes of the battery module-in-the loop tests for use-cases (Jul 2026)
  3. Public: Evaluations and recommendations for the next-generation battery management system (Nov 2026)

Project progress

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